Focus & Scope

Higher Education Tri Dharma consists of 3 points: Education and Teaching, Research and Development and Community Service. Community service is an activity that aims to help certain communities in several activities without expecting rewards in any form. The types of community service programs include arrangement, workshops, courses, counseling, campaigns, publications, projects, pilots, and demonstrations such as exhibitions. Community service activities are intended to provide solutions to real problems that occur in society. The community in question can be the MSME community and Small and Medium Industries or other community development. In its development, a lot of community service was carried out by creating a fostered village area. With the hope that the direction of the community service program will have a wider impact.
Scope of the Journal of Community Service and Rural Development (JCSRD):
1. Carrying out the practice of science, technology and cultural arts directly to society institutionally.
2. Village development including the economy of the village community, village community institutions and other related matters.
3. Research can also cover the relationship between the two previous studies, but it is not a requirement. The scope of research from the two previously could be carried out separately and did not need to be related.